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by:Larm 3 Mar 2017
by:Larm 2 Mar 2017

Nadia Tehran is initiated by the borderless and revolting punk-attitude, applied on everything in between fragile pop melodies, rhythmic electro beats and hip hop. Nadia is the contrast incarnated - the Muslim in the Christian town, foreign in the Swedish class society and the Swede in the Iranian family. A self-representation that portrays the world and Nadia’s place in it.

At the age of twelve, Nadia Tehran arose as an artistic and rebellious individual with a distinctive passion for music. Born in a Christian middle class society, her teenage years were characterized by misadaptation and the sense of not belonging, which lay the essential foundation for her futural music creation. After being a singer and front figure in different punk bands and leading the middle eastern heavy bass group "Compadre", she has created her own extensive genre as a solo artist. Nadia is the mixture of musical nuances that inevitably reflects an approach that she’d rather raise her voice than lower it.

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