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Mejeriet 30 Nov 2013
MDT 23 Nov 2013

The following text is my biography written by hand.

I am a dancer, choreographer, songwriter and vocalist. When i combine these art forms here, it becomes Lune.

I’m sure that we’ve met, in some way connected or been in touch before You and i. Maybe we are born in the same year (1988), both cancers, dragons or just a good match. Maybe we grew up in the same village (Middle/northern Sweden) or both moved to Stockholm.There’s a chance that we studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School the same years (2004-2007). We probably met at a theatre or museum somewhere in a dance/performance context in Belgium, New York or Stockholm for example. Perhaps we are connected because we spend time in nature or on the internet, breathing in forests into our lungs, chatting with each other or googling wooden-dolphin or frozen-bubble images. Maybe you have heard me on ”Teenage Crime”, ”Leave The World Behind” or my album ”Music & Sports”. If none of those examples fit us i’m pretty sure we are connected because we’re on the same earth for the moment. I want to take care of this infinite x-dimensional relationship. We’ll touch more in the future.

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